Mission Statement

"To improve the quality of life of children and young people in Liverpool 8 and surrounding areas."

The strategic objecticves of Team Oasis are:

  • To serve our community
  • To understand, listen and show caring compassion to the needy
  • To relieve the consequences of poverty
  • To combat all forms of discrimination
  • To encourage
  • To inspire
  • To raise aspirations
  • To inform
  • To facilitate acess to communty facilities
  • To alleviate fear and hopelessness
  • To be inclusive in the face of exclusion
  • To educate where we find ignorance
  • to create a better enviroment for our community
  • To develop social growth through humanitarian programmes

 These objectives shall be met by the following methods of work :

  • Youth work
  • After schools work
  • School Liaison
  • A Community Programme
  • A Social Progamme
  • A Humanitarian Programme
  • An Empowerment Programme
  • A Holiday Programme
  • An Environmental Programme