School Link

This project is subject to receiving supportive funding. This project more than any achieves our aims and objectives.
This project follows exactly the same format as our extremely successful Mobile After School Club format. Therefore this simple project operates on the following basis:

  • 6 sessions of mobile School Link after school club.
  • 6 pupils will be selected by teachers/learning mentors per group
  • 2 Teachers/Learning Mentors From Each School Will Join Two Team Oasis Leaders For Each Session.

Selection Process For Pupils Is Totally At The Discretion Of Each School.
Sessions to include standards such as, Horse Riding, Rock Climbing, Bowling and Cinema. These sessions allow for lots of fun, learning, healthy lifestyles and sport. Additional substantial benefits includes, developing social skills and building self-confidence.
However, this six week programme shall also include one session at Calder Kids Adventure Centre. Calder Kids focus on serving young people with disability. Engaging Team Oasis children with the young people at Calder Kids is a fantastic forum for building friendships, building awareness and removing negative pre-conceptions around disability.
The final session is always a celebratory/graduation meal to recognise the achievements of the young people throughout the project.