Youth Group

This project is subject to receiving supportive funding.
Team Oasis has a fine record of delivering youth work that achieves real positive outcomes.
Our Youth Group work shall operate in the following way.
Each youth group shall consist of no more than twelve young people.
Each Group shall enjoy one session per week going out and about in our minibus. They shall enjoy Ice Skating at Deeside, Go Karting, Paint Balling and Skiing at Runcorn Dry Ski Slopes. These outdoor sessions are fab for fun, adventure but also great for developing social skills and building a relationship from which we can design real plans to support the young people to achieve their full potential.
On alternate weeks. The group shall attend our activity centre. These “in-weeks” shall focus on inviting champions of industry, commerce, civil service, health, education and our services along to outline the benefits and pitfalls of a career in their particular sector. These sessions are real “warts-n-all” sessions whereby the young people can ask hard hitting questions and receive hard hitting responses.
Through both the ‘in’ and ‘out’ weeks we expect to help the young people to make important positive life choices about their future and then to support them to achieve those choices.