Camp Oasis


Paul Nilson founded Team Oasis Children's Charity almost ten years ago in 2003. Team Oasis has developed into a fine charity serving hundreds of local children and young people in Liverpool. (please see editorials doc and pics). Personally I am delighted by what Team Oasis has achieved and continues to achieve! And unbelievably we do all of this with fixed costs of just over twenty thousand pounds per year.

However, it is not commonly known that it was our plans for Camp Oasis which was the beginning of this incredible journey which has led to Team Oasis and the hundreds of children that enjoy the Team Oasis experience every week.

Camp Oasis is a plan to establish a holiday respite centre in Spain (Orihuella) which will offer free holidays for Liverpool Children and Carers in need of a little respite themselves.

The plan is to initially purchase approximately twenty five acres of rural land in Murcia. Once we have the land and the basic utilities then we can progress. An approximate figure for purchasing the land ranges from £50,000.00 throuh to £150,000.00. So we do have some very hard work ahead of us with sponsored events, bag packing and seeking sponsors for the project.

Initially we shall have a number of strong family size tents. First groups out will be volunteers and children from local schools. They shall help with early land preparation work such as planting trees etc. A number of local Schools have expresed an interest in this.

Holidays for local children will begin almost immediately. Again camping will be the main accommodation in the early months but eventually we shall progress the land to a couple of log cabins, a couple of caravans etc.

Camp Oasis will offer holidays for children and carers that require some respite themselves. They might choose a holiday full of fun and beaches etc or they may prefer a quiter peaceful holiday to recuperate. It is their choice, we shall just make it happen.

The centre will never host any more than 30 visitors in any one week. This will consist of a maximum of ten core visitors, (those individuals that the holiday is principally about), plus a small support team of family, friends or carers to ensure that they have a great time.

This is a great venture and the added bonus is that once a person visits camp oasis, when they arrive back home they might just want to keep in contact and thus be supported through the activities of Team Oasis back here in Liverpool.

Selection of people to attend Camp Oasis will primarily be by referral , either through a family member, neighbour, family support, other local charities, local church or by lots of other ways. Means testing or income will never come into the equation. Decisions for selection will always be based on the benefit of a Camp Oasis holiday to that child or carer.

A great vision and at last we are now beginning to seriously look to develop our fundraising effort in order to establish our centre in Spain.