“Our own home”  

“The greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it but its too low and we reach it”

- can we build a world class facility for our young people and furthermore can we deliver world class inclusive sports and arts -

A portfolio of information detailing our vision and plans to establish a new purpose built centre for Team Oasis.

“from little acorns”

Artists Impression Team Oasis Paradise Centre

“our own home”

• Established in July 2003 working with 8 children each week, Team Oasis now work with almost seven hundred children each week.

• Totally committed to encouraging children of all abilities and circumstances to engage together through a wide variety of activities. These activities include sport, football teams, basketball, tennis, horse riding, arts, hiphop dance, ballet, tap, modern, street jazz, drama, performing arts and our very own theatre production group. We also have after school sessions, school link sessions, holidays and day trips.

• “Service Before Self”  and “Excellence Through Participation” are our simple guidelines

• As a community group, we would always wish to ensure that our links with existing organisations re: tenancies, facility hire etc are maintained but at a reduced rate.

• We are excited about the potential of having our own centre (The Oasis Paradise Centre)

• An initial pre-feasibility study should bring clarity to our exploration meetings

• We do not believe that this is an easy project to establish but with the right motivation  it is certainly worthy of a very great effort

• Team Oasis now has three paid staff. These include:

             • Coordinator

             • Dance Tutor

             • Performing Arts Tutor

• Team Oasis now has 60 volunteers supporting areas such as:     

             • Dance

             • Drama

             • Sports

             • Administration

             • Financial Controls

             • Fundraising

             • Bag Packing

             • Holidays

• We also employ specialist staff for sports, arts, arts technical manager, theatre production manager, on a sessional  basis

• Team Oasis could adopt the new centre as a primary office. This would ensure that office management staff and administration staff would be on-site and would be happy to accommodate additional responsibility with regards to the operation of the centre.

• A reasonable estimate of the hours that the new centre could be open for each week would be 84 hours. ( 7 Days @ 12 Hours per day)

Intentions for use could be:

o Multi Community use during the day o Multi Community Sports (Weekends)

o Team Oasis Football/Sports (Evenings & Outdoor Sundays) – Would require full use of the sports halls

o Team Oasis Tennis & Cricket ( Outdoor Evenings & Weekends)

o Team Oasis Arts ( Midweek Evenings & Weekends) – Would require full use of the arts suite

o Other local Children’s Groups (Evenings & Weekends) – (Indoor /Outdoor)

o Parent & Tots (Daytime Midweek)

o Pensioner Groups (Daytime Midweek)

o Family Support Groups o Medical Centre?

o Other Counselling Groups?

Facility Ideas

Paradise Centre Artist Impression Jan 2011


Given the scope of potential use, ideas for the centre could include:

Two Multi Use Indoor Sports Hall ( 20 Metres by 30 Metres)

               – Could Also Double As Performance Space  1200  

Two Multi Use Arts Suite (15 Metres by 15 Metres)  450  

Multi Use Play/Sports/Arts Family Room (15 Metres by 15 Metres)  225  

Radio Booth (12 Metres by 12 Metres)  144  

Recording Studio  (12 Metres by 12 Metres)  144  

Office Space (12 Metres by 12 Metres)  144  

Reception Area ( 6 Metres by 12 Metres)  72  

Welcome Area (Pos Mini Café Inc) (15metres * 15 Metres)  225



Extensive Outdoor Adventure Play Area (20 Metres by 30 Metres)  600  

Extensive Outdoor Sports Area ( Football/Cricket/Tennis/Rounder’s)  1600  

Domed Artificial Grass Pitch (Domed)  1200  

Cycle Parking   (20 Metres by 3 Metres)  60  

Car Parking  1400 



Potential Facility Staffing

Centre Manager (Could Be Catered By Team Oasis At No Extra Charge To Existing)

- Role: Facility Hire, General Managing

Finance Manager (Could Be Catered By Team Oasis At No Extra Cost To Existing)

- Role: Collating Finance 4 Part Time Registration Staff (Front Desk / Phones)

           – (20 Hours per Week) Registration/ Front Desk/ Telephone

4 Part Time Security Staff (Front Desk / Phones)

           – (20 Hours per Week) Vigilant Security 24 Hours Per Day

4 Part Time Maintenance/Cleaning Staff – Would have to be employed

- Role: Ensuring safe spaces throughout. Sports Hall, Arts Suite, Play Area, Grounds, Adventure Play, Toilets

NB: All Staff would be trained in Child Protection, First Aid and any other relevant training regimes (Fire etc).

All staff would be subject to the full and comprehensive Team Oasis induction process re all policies and procedures.

Groups using the centre could have a their own responsible people to be responsible for their own groups

Team Oasis could ensure that one additional person is always in attendance for any front of desk sports, arts etc advice or incidents. This person could be in attendance at no extra cost to the new facility.