The CHILDREN’s ADVENTURE FARM TRUST Holidays are so important, especially in young lives. Lifelong childhood memories are often centred around our early years holidays. Therefore Team Oasis prioritise the delivery of holidays to our children and young people. Team Oasis prefer to offer as wide a range of holidays as possible. However, another of our long term holiday friends is the Prestidgious Children’s Adventure Farm Trust (CAFT), near Lymm in Cheshire. CAFT is a fantastic centre with excellent accommodation for children and leaders of all abilities. With excellent indoor and outdoor space for sports/play/relaxation/learning and fun we always love our time at CAFT. Accomodation is in a renovated traditional farm house dwelling plus a brand new ‘state of the art’ accommodation block adjacent. With all food included and options for lots of great indoor/outdoor activities, the Children’s Adventure Farm Trust, is a perfect choice for Team Oasis. YOU CAN HELP. Holidays to CAFT often have to be designed around an invitation from The Children’s Adventure Farm Trust. However, CAFT can be booked. A typical week can cost some thousands of pounds. You can make a donation towards holidays to caft via any of our donations methods. (Please clearly inform us that you would like your donation to go towards CAFT Holidays or just holidays, whichever is your preference.